Can Pre Workout Replace Coffee?

What do you do if you wake up in the morning and realize you’re out of coffee? If you’re like many of the readers on this site, you probably look for another quick source of caffeine to jolt yourself awake. But can you use pre workout to replace your morning coffee?

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Can You Replace Coffee with Pre Workout?

Yes. If you desperately need caffeine, but don’t want to drink coffee — you can use pre-workout. However, the one caveat to this is that this could increase your tolerance to pre-workout much more quickly than if you only took pre-workout before going to the gym.

Other Risks To Replacing Coffee with Pre Workout

Pre workouts also contain other ingredients besides caffeine, that can have negative effects if taken too often. For example, pre workouts that contain creatine may cause you to suddenly retain water, which could result in weight gain. You may also find that pre-workout is more likely to cause digestive issues than coffee.

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