what is kino octane

What is Kino Octane?

Kino Octane is a pre-workout supplement created and distributed by Kinobody. The supplement has been launched and then re-launched over the years by Kinobody’s founder Greg O’Gallagher.

Kino Octane is currently available in five flavors: Blue Raspberry, Grape, Tropic Thunder, Strawberry Margarita, and Black Cherry (Overdrive).

Kino Octane Ingredients


L-Citrulline aids in protein synthesis, increases nitric oxide production, protects from muscle inflammation and increases oxygen uptake.


Thiamin is a nootropic that aids in brain function and also boosts your immune system and digestion.


Biotin supports metabolic health, regulates blood sugar, and can also improve skin health.

Siberian Ginseng Root Extract

Ginseng root extract, like thiamin, can boost your immune system, improve general athletic performance, and can help delay onset of fatigue.

Caffeine Anhydrous

What pre-workout would be complete without caffeine. The benefits are numerous, for both mental and physical performance.



L-Theanine helps Kino Octane deliver its calm and sustained energy boost, rather than a sharp increase followed by a crash. L-Theanine also helps improve your mood and cognitive performance.

Kino Octane Reviews

“After seeing all the hype, I finally caved and bought some octane. Seriously, I had to text my wife mid-workout and say, “I don’t know how he did it, but this is the best pre workout I’ve used.” I’ve used everything under the sun, super high stimulants and all. The energy on this was akin to asense of urgency and focus. No crazy heart palpitations. The strength and pump top notch as well. All natural too! I’m an official octane user from here on out.”


My Experience with Kino Octane

I ordered some Kino Octane in late 2021 after starting one of the Kinobody workout programs. To be honest, I was impressed. I’ve been taking pre-workout for nearly a decade and have had pretty good results with whatever brand I chose. With Kino Octane I didn’t have the uncomfortable tingling or ringing in my ears that other brands caused for me. The energy felt very focused and steady, which is one of the brands main selling points.

The only issues I have with Octane is that it isn’t available in stores, so you have to order it online. I typically notice I’m out of pre-workout on my way to the gym and then just swing by the supplement store and buy more, so getting Octane isn’t the most convenient. Also, Kino Octane is pricier than some of the other pre-workouts I like. It’s $39.95 for 21 servings, making it about $1.91 per serving. However, since I typically hit the gym three times per week, the bottle still lasted me a couple months.

Regardless of these drawbacks, Kino Octane make its way onto my list of Favorite Pre Workouts of All Time.