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Do You Need To Be Consistent With Pre Workout?

Most supplements, like creatine monohydrate or daily vitamins, require you to be consistent to get all the benefits and results of the supplement. So do you need to be consistent with your pre-workout to get the full effect?

Do You Need To Be Consistent with Pre Workout?

So the answer is: Yes and no.

Reasons You Need To Be Consistent

Some of the components of pre-workout may take some time to build up in your system, so its important to be consistent to allow these to have the full impact on your workouts. Creatine monohydrate, for example, is included in many pre-workout formulas. Creatine takes awhile to build up foundation in your system.

Reasons To Not Be Consistent

The main component of pre-workout supplements is caffeine, unless you’re taking a stimulant-free pre-workout. Caffeine’s impact will be felt immediately, and won’t really benefit from long term use. In fact, the benefits of caffeine will gradually decline as you build a tolerance.