Can You Take Pre Workout On An Empty Stomach? [Is it a Bad Idea?]

Most pre workout supplements are designed so that if you take them on an empty stomach, you won’t experience any issues. However, the best advice here is just try it yourself and see if you have any problems.

Is it Safe to Take Pre Workout on an Empty Stomach?

Yes. You can take pre workout without food and it’s perfectly safe. Unless your supplement specifically says on the label that you need to take with food, there really isn’t a downside to take pre workout on an empty stomach. You’ll likely absorb the pre-workout faster simply because there’s less food in your digestive system to slow down the absorption into your bloodstream. If you typically take pre workout with food, you may need to adjust when you consume your pre workout so you don’t miss the peak effects of the supplement.

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Pre Workout on an Empty Stomach May Irritate Your Stomach

There are stimulants in pre workout, and other ingredients which may affect your digestive tract. One of the issues many people experience is pre workout making you have to poop. This isn’t necessarily dangerous or harmful, however. Taking pre workout on an empty stomach may be more likely to cause some of the digestive discomfort people occasionally associate with the supplement, including gas, diarrhea and bloating.

Pre Workout While Fasting May Cause Hypoglycemia

The caffeine in pre workout can give you a jolt of energy, but that may come at the expense of crashing your blood sugar levels. If that’s the case you may find that you’re feeling sluggish and unable to push yourself through hard efforts in the gym. Hypoglycemia may also cause you to feel dizzy, weak or nauseous. If you struggle with these symptoms, eating a small meal before you take pre workout may help.

Although caffeine can make the effects of hypoglycemia more noticeable, it may actually help identify the condition. Caffeine doesn’t necessarily cause low blood sugar, but it can make it easier to tell when you’re hypoglycemic. If you struggle with this, you likely would have had low blood sugar regardless of your caffeine intake. To maximize your performance, you would benefit from eating something with your pre workout.