Can You Build a Tolerance to Pre Workout?

If you take pre workout consistently for any extended period of time, you can 100% build a tolerance to pre workout. Many people take pre-workout for years without becoming dependent, so fortunately developing a dependence is not a guarantee. ✅

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Can You Build a Tolerance to Pre Workout?

Yes. You can build a tolerance to pre workout. This result is exacerbated by taking more than the recommended dose, taking pre workout too often, or ingesting too much caffeine from other sources. Building a tolerance to pre workout means you can take the same amount without getting any effects. One of the best ways to avoid building a tolerance is to cycle on and off the supplement consistently, rather than taking it continuously for months and months.

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How Quickly Do You Build a Tolerance To Pre Workout?

You can build a tolerance to pre-workout (and caffeine) in just 1-4 days even with doses as low as 100 mg per day. This is equivalent to about one 8 oz. cup of coffee, or half a scoop of a typical pre workout supplement.

My Experience with Pre Workout Tolerance

I’ve built up pretty ridiculous tolerances to pre-workouts a few times in my life. For example, right after I graduated from college, I was working an office job and drinking coffee all day at work. After work, I’d drive home, take pre workout, and go to the gym.

At this point I was using fairly high-stimulant pre workout. I think I was using something with around 250 mg of caffeine per scoop. And I was taking about two scoops every time I went to the gym. Not only was I destroying my adrenals with 750+ mg of caffeine per day, I was also crushing my body at the gym 5 or 6 times per week.

Needless to say the wheels were bound to fall off at some point, and they definitely did. I was constantly over trained and the huge doses of caffeine I was taking weren’t doing anything for me.

At this point I decided to opt for a stimulant-free pre workout for awhile, and taper my caffeine intake at work. I did this by substituting green tea or decaf for regular coffee. After a few weeks, I had reset my tolerance to somewhat normal levels.

If you find yourself taking more and more pre workout with limited effects, it may be time for you to taper yourself off as well. Good luck!